Install Arch GNU/Linux using archfi

How to install a vanilla Arch GNU/Linux using archfi and archdi script in about an hour… read more

Node-red on Debian

How to install Node-Red flows on a Debian buster installation… read more

Proxmox spamming FreeNas logs using iscsi

Proxmox iscsi storage management causes syslog issues on FreeNAS. read more

The way to GO!

Some impressions from my way to golang. read more

Darktable with AMD Radeon

Enable OpenCL for AMD Radeon GPUs and validate usage in Darktable. read more

Samba4 Active Directory

Setting up a redundant AD DC with samba4 on Debian9 read more

TV7 with Plex

How to make Plex DVR work with TV7 IP-TV read more

TV7 with pfSense

Configure pfsense to run TV7 from fiber7 read more

SoCraTes day 2018

Following the sofware architects. read more

Crazy data dimensions

20 years ago, we only had megabytes! read more

I'm Philipp Häfelfinger

It was 1998 when my journey to become a professional software engineer started. I am highly interested in many aspects of the information technologies. From development to devops and sysops. I like to understand systems as a whole and not just a part of it.

I am a passionate photographer as well.

Feel free to contact me at "blog<at>" or via twitter @haefelfinger

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